Air quality and environmental data for better life & business decisions

Caeli is the only source for air quality and environmental data that enables businesses and individuals make better decisions based on the air pollution levels and proximity to Nature 2000 locations.

AI meets sensor data from multiple sources

How our clients use Caeli API

and what does it mean for their customers and the business

Municipalities, news media, sports apps, real estate agents inform their customers better with Caeli, so that they can make better decisions taking into account their own and their family's health.

Better health decisions for customers

Nitrogen & pollution levels for businesses

For everyone who is worried about the new nitrogen (stikstof) EU policies, Caeli has
a special service to check your risks.

Ecologists and compliance managers benefit from having one overview of Natura 2000 areas and air pollution dispersion real-time.

Proximity to Natura 2000 

and risk checks for permits

Caeli helps organisations with scenario mapping and pollution source analysis. With our intelligent algorithm for wind flow simulation we can estimate the worst case scenarios that may occur.

Scenario visualisation and pollution source analysis

Better data, better decisions

Offer intelligent, personalised and actionable insights to enable your customers make better decisions about their health.

The smartest predictions available

Caeli combines data sets from government agencies, crowdsourced data and satellite imagery, to provide the most comprehensive image of environment quality any time.

Understanding the environment

Caeli makes the invisible visible and enables you track key air pollutants including: PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NO2, CO2, & SO2.

Wind flows and weather monitoring

Measuring data is not enough, that's why we take into account weather conditions and wind flows to forecast the spread of pollution accurately.

Proximity to Natura 2000 areas

Next to air quality levels Caeli analyses sources of pollution and proximity to protected Natura 2000 areas, equipping businesses with the necessary tools to check their risks.

Pollution spread scenarios

Using weather data Caeli shows you the worst case and the most probable scenario of emission distribution.

Consumer-facing widgets and API

Caeli makes environmental data understandable for your users and customers. Numbers are worth nothing without explanation of what they mean to people.

Your customers will be thankful

Help them make better life decisions by always knowing the quality of the air and environment around them.

Real-estate: check the area before committing to buying a property and settling.

Make the invisible visible for your users by showing understandable insights that they can act upon.

Inform your customers or prospects about proximity to protected nature areas. Everyone wants to live closer to the cleanest locations of The European Union.

Air quality and environmental data

for any location within European Union and beyond in one API, 

at your fingertips.

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